About Me

I’m a writer, but sometimes bullet points are less laborious:

  • Senior Writer/Editor at MTV
  • Co-creator: Stuff Hipsters Hate
  • Netiquette Columnist for CNN
  • Medill School of Journalism Graduate
  • As-yet unpublished fiction writer

NOTE: This website is mostly focused around my side projects. For all MTV inquiries please e-mail me at Brenna.Ehrlich@mtvstaff.com


  1. Hi there Brenna,
    Weird, another Brenna E out there. I, too, have raven hair, but I dye it blonde. I dig your writing and I’ve been told I’m a hipster. I came across your name after reading an article by you on CNN.
    I felt that the universe was telling me that we should be in touch.
    I want all the Brenna E’s to be on my team. I’m a television producer, and I’m always looking for new talent–thought that might be another reason to reach out to you. I’m in development, specifically.
    Happy Holidays to you–the presents that you receive could be addressed to me. Weird. And vice versa.
    Brenna E.

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